Rent your property with Comforts of Italy

Are you an apartment proprietor in Florence seeking an increase in rental income during the tourist low season?
Comforts of Italy is Italy's largest manager of apartments for students, educators, and young professionals. We have direct relationships with hundreds of American and local universities. This means most of our apartments are let during the academic year, from September through May. If your apartment qualifies, we'll guarantee rental income during some or all of the Fall, Winter, and Spring, leaving it free for you or for other clients for the tourist high season.
Comforts of Italy's team of experienced professionals handles everything, including maintenance, cleaning, and repair and replacement services. Each apartment and its contents are fully insured, and each apartment is inspected and thoroughly cleaned between rentals. We will even furnish your apartment for you if needed!

Why Rent Through Comforts of Italy?

  • Guaranteed rental income
  • We place residents in apartments during the tourist low season
  • Our clients need apartments in neighborhoods that may be less popular among tourists

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